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Year In Review

It has been a busy year fighting breast cancer, but with your help and support, it has been a fun year as well. Check out what we've been up to.

Our Vision

Turn the 90% breast cancer mortality rate into the 99% breast cancer survival rate.

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A Fighter's Story

Imagine if your doctor told you, you have breast cancer. Imagine still that your doctor tells you that your form of breast cancer is very aggressive and has the tendency to spread at uncontrollable rates and before you can get over the shock of this news she tells you the only drug that can treat it cost 1.5 million Naira which is more than your yearly salary. Helen is one of our Pink Fighters and she has HER2-Positive breast cancer. RFCA is helping to pay for the herceptin treatment she requires to fight this disease, but there are countless others like Helen that need our help.

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